W3D1 – Fajita Frittata

Today’s meal is a fajita frittata, and it looks delicious.


I would like to introduce you to a wonderful (and comprehensive) series on achieving perfect health. Enjoy!

9 Steps to Perfect Health:

  1. Don’t Eat Toxins
  2. Nourish Your Body
  3. Eat Real Food
  4. Supplement Wisely
  5. Heal Your Gut
  6. Manage Your Stress
  7. Move Like Your Ancestors
  8. Sleep More Deeply
  9. Practice Pleasure

Nine steps seems like kind of a lot to get a handle on – especially compared to the promises of 6-minute abs and the fountain of youth that is a glass of red wine per day. Fortunately, you have your whole life to get this stuff nailed down; just make sure to be moving in the right direction most of the time.


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