W2D1 – On Vegetarianism

Today we’re back at it with salmon, rice, and shredded brussels sprouts. Pretty similar to last Monday’s meal, and I apologize, but fish is good for you, is best on Mondays, and Salmon is widely available / palatable to most.

Since we already learned about how great fish is – and I don’t have much desire to talk about brussels sprouts – let’s talk about carnivory (or lack thereof) instead.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the first week wrap-up survey, you provided invaluable feedback. One respondent requested some meatless options once or twice a week.

My first thought when I hear talk about eschewing meat is this or thisBasically, vegetables are animal food, animals are people food.

The fact of the matter is that some people are going to be vegetarians, and that’s ok. In fact, a vegetarian diet can still be a healthy one, as I outline in this post.

So, moving forward, we’ll shoot for two “meat-optional” meals per week.

I’d be remiss not to mention that modern wide-scale meat production (CAFOs, chicken houses, and the like) is well worth protesting, and talking with your dollars is the best way to be heard (sometimes they even get the message!). That’s part of the reason we are buying responsibly-sourced meat for our meals. 


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